Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency could revolutionize the sharing economy

Uber, Airbnb, and DoorDash are market disruptors, creating new value out of a current existing market, breaking the status quo, displacing established market-leading firms, and providing new services to customers, however, these companies have grown so big that they have become business dinosaurs in their own right, charging high fees, being slow to process customer requests and complaints.

As far as technical progress goes, Ai is leveraged to ensure that customers enjoy an easier, more seamless, more convenient, more personalized, and faster shipping experience than before. The companies mentioned above are leveraging AI, investing in the technology to gain a competitive edge.

They have become big but what if a community-led initiative could become a disruptor to the disruptor?

For the first time, a coin will have a community-based engagement, it will be led by a community and leverage AI and BlockChain technologies for a better user experience, community loyalty, and convenience of use. For the first time, technology will empower individuals rather than external hierarchies.

Having named it “AiChain,” (as AI and BlockChain) a cryptocurrency will now work hand in hand, to detect fraud, enhance data analytics, give service recommendations, automate personalized targeting of ads, and build intelligent agents that offer 24/7 customer service in the customer’s natural language.

AiChain is a cryptocurrency that gives its user the ability to connect with other users for on-demand service platforms enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain, into community-driven platforms. This is not a traditional cryptocurrency. It will build into an ecosystem.

On-demand services platform is the opportunity for the community to get everything they need anytime, anywhere, and most conveniently without fees using Aichain token with a single tap on their phone.

We have expectations that “AiChain” will innovate radically, it will be a future killer for existing platforms such as such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, where users could build an online community-driven platform, leverage AI, and send or receive funds through AIChain, all without fees.

AiChain will offer:

  • Decentralized services to collectively build a community-led service-oriented platform.
  • An ecosystem combining elements of cryptocurrency, AI, and community-driven projects.
  • Transparently develop open-source apps based on AI and blockchain technologies.
  • Blockchain services for trust, and transparency.

Mike Sherman is a BlockChain analyst and cryptocurrency researcher

BlockChain Analyst, Cryptocurrency Researcher